Bible Scriptures for Cancer Patients

 Christian healing prayer scriptures for cancer patients.

2.        Encouragement scriptures

  1. Encouragement scriptures for cancer patients
  2. Encouragement scriptures for families with cancer patients

3.        Fighting scriptures for militant cancer patients

4.        Bible scriptures of Hope for those fighting cancer

5.        Scriptures for a loved one with cancer.

6.        Bible Scriptures for cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy - “Chemo”

7.        Bible Scriptures for possible cancer patients.

8.        Bible Scriptures for patients with growths & tumors

Dr. Oral Roberts set out these six steps for one to take for one’s healing according to an 
excerpt adapted from 
If You Need Healing Do These Things by Oral Roberts:

  1. Look to Jesus as a Life saver, delighting to bless and heal you.
  2. Believe that God's abundance of life is for you and that you may have it by believing 
    and continuing to believe.
  3. Know that it is God's will to heal not only others but also you. Healing is in the 
    Atonement; therefore, it includes all.
  4. Remember that healing begins within. You reach God and He reached you through 
    your inner man.
  5. Know that the only way you can overcome fear is through your faith in God.
  6. Use a point of contact for the release of your faith.