Prayer for Ebola Virus infected Patients


Prayer for Ebola Virus infected Patients

Friends, we need Prayer for the Ebola Virus. The Ebola Virus is a virus that has spread from Central to West Africa. The virus infect humans and is highly contagious. The World Health Organization and many African and World leaders and health officials are deeply concerned as pressure is on to contain its spread. As Christians, our duty is to pray.

Currently the spread is major in Guinea, Liberia and Sierra Leone in West Africa.



President Barack Obama - Fighting Ebola 




Ebola is considered by the US as a global security threat by the US Government. In a press conference yesterday, which focused on containing Ebola, the president mentioned the following.

President Obama indicated that the US plans to contain Ebola spread by adopting the following approach :-  


1. Send in Military Personnel  3000 to assist in the response

2. Build 17 Health Centers with a capacity of 100 pages each

3. Targeted to train about 500 health care workers a day

4. Develop an air bridge

5. Provide up to  50,000 home health care kits

The president asked other countries to come and help.

Visit the White House page for more details … see


Strategy for Prayer for Ebola Virus infected Patients

The following are the areas we should focus on as we pray. Always remember that the Holy Spirit will minister to you whatever else you need to pray. Use this as a guide.




Prayer Points for Ebola Virus infected Patients

1. Let us pray that God will supernaturally intervene in the lives of those that have been infected by the Ebola virus and let us believe Him to for healing. (Jeremiah 30:17)

2. Let us pray that its spread will be contained in Jesus Mighty Name, Amen. (Numbers 16:48)

3. Let us pray that God will give Wisdom to the Scientist and all those engaged in search for a cure. (Exodus 28:3)

4. Let us pray that every believer and all the persons in the countries affected shall be preserved from this Ebola virus. (Deuteronomy 7:15)

Let us remind Jesus of John 14:14 and Jeremiah 32:27.


Friend, from today, make it a habit to pray for this Ebola virus each and every moment and also whenever you hear it mentioned in the news. May God fill you with wisdom on how to pray. God be with you.

Your Praying Friends  

Precious Christian Devotional Team  

Read from WHO about Ebola Virus