{ This is a prayer request we got from a brother in Sudan}

Dear Children of The most High GOD,

My brothers and Sisters I can asure you that what we have prayed for The Almighty GOD is in control. Just as He rescued the Israelites from the land of captivy, He is answering our prayers. The devil was defeated two thousand (2000) years ago when Jesus on the cross of calvary said "it is finished" all the problems ended there.


I want to say this to you that as a Soldier in the things of GOD also a physical soldier, am on a mission in the country of Sudan as a peace keeper trying to bring the people of this country together so that they may stop fighting and killing one another. As a group we are also evangeizing the  word of GOD. In this nation there are few christians but many muslims because they were colonised by the Arabs.


But many are turning to know the Almighty GOD and now the problem is that the people here are suffering, more so especially women and children. There is hunger, deseases and no one is there to look after the Old people. The Education is below par. Also Sudan is full of blessing from GOD, there is Oil here but people are  suffering.


Please my prayer request to you is that we pray to the GOD Almighty to reeden this people in His special way. As you start praying upon this nation of Sudan, GOD will reveal more things and you will know where to touch. Missioneries are needed in this nation of Sudan especially were we are deployed in Abyei Town.

GOD bless you